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Diversity officer and sounding board

Diversity Officer and sounding board

The Faculty of Science's diversity officer is responsible for highlighting issues, can be consulted by both staff and students and provides the dean with solicited and unsolicited advice on matters concerning diversity at the Faculty of Science. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions or suggestions about diversity at the Faculty of Science.

Would you like to contribute to increasing diversity and inclusivity at the Faculty of Science? And are you motivated to not only discuss these issues, but also to take and support initiatives to this end? Then joining the Diversity sounding board might be for you! Send an email to: 

Machiel Keestra on the Faculty of Science’s work on diversity

Read the interview with Machiel Keestra, Faculty Diversity Officer (FDO) at the Faculty of Science: 'What appeals to me about my work on diversity and inclusion is involving relevant stakeholders and coming up with the best possible solution in partnership with target groups.' He also talks about his work during the coronavirus crisis and the new diversity policy.

Diversity Office 

Dr. M. (Machiel) Keestra

Diversity Officer Faculty of Science

M. (Marwa) Ahmed

Student-assistant Diversity Officer Faculty of Science

Sounding board group

R. (Rana) Abo Seada BSc

Student Assistent SIC & FDO media content

Dr. S.A. (Steven) Arisz

Onderzoeker SILS

C.M.E. (Consuela) Cambridge MSc

AV docent Scheikunde

Drs. P.R. (Pauline) Eenhoorn

Hoofd Afdeling Communicatie

B.C.E. (Brit) Giesbertz MSc

Docent Academische Basisvaardigheden Psychobiologie & Studieadviseur Informatiekunde

Dr. J.B. (Jeroen) Goedkoop

Projectleider vernieuwend onderwijs, aansluiting vo-ho

Prof. dr. A.T. (Astrid) Groot

Professor at IBED

S. (Steffanie) Igel

Operational manager HIMS

Dr. J. (Joost) van Mameren

Manager Institute of Physics

Prof. dr. S.B. (Sera) Markoff

Professor Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy/GRAPPA

Dr D. (Diletta) Martinelli

Assistant professor KDVI and an MacGillavry fellow

Dr. J.T. (Janna) Schoenberger

Lecturer and tutor AUC

Dr. V. (Verena) Schoepf

Assistant professor in Marine Biology at UvA and a MacGillavry fellow

Dr. D. (Danielle) van Versendaal

Beleidsmedewerker onderwijs

N.H. (Nina) Witteveen MSc

PhD Candidate | Ecosystem & Landscape Dynamics research group | IBED

  • Margot Brinkhof, Raadsassistent van de FSR en houder van het dossier Diversiteit binnen de raad
  • Vivek Lakshman, student BetaGamma
  • Rumeysa Unal, Diversity Talks / Student Impact Centre