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AV equipment on loan

Audio and video

In addition to managing the permanent audiovisual (AV) equipment in lecture rooms, Audiovisual Services also lend out laptops and mobile AV equipment for use in rooms at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) without permanent AV equipment.

Booking AV equipment

In principle, only members of staff can reserve laptops and AV equipment (for teaching purposes confined to UvA premises). This service is free of charge. In addition, some AV equipment may be reserved for non-teaching purposes.

To book AV equipment, or to change or cancel reservations, please use the forms. 

To ensure that your request is processed in time, we recommend that you book your AV equipment at least 5 working days before the day you need to use it.

Using AV equipment outside UvA premises is only allowed if permission is granted by Audiovisual Services.

Contact Service Desk Facility Services (FS)

T: 020 525 1403

Facility services forms

Access all the forms you need to report malfunctions, submit and keep track of reports: (new window).